Ministry of Health figures suggest between 18,000 and 35,000 people fall ill from unsafe drinking water every year, though the Havelock North Inquiry had estimates of up to 100,000.

New environmental and safety regulations for drinking water and wastewater will be brought in as part of a multi-billion dollar overhaul of the country's water systems.

The Government is undertaking a major revamp of water infrastructure following years of complacency over drinking water safety and the impact on the environment.

Three waters services are lifeline utilities and compose one of the core infrastructure sectors of national significance, a key to this is to provide consistent and ongoing training and pay progression that

AWUNZ already has with the likes of Watercare, Downers, City Care, Fulton Hogan, Veolia and many Councils in Collective Agreements.

We would like to hear from Workers who may work in the industry about Standards that we have negotiated or people interested in a job in the Industry.