St John/ Wellington Free Ambulance Services

AWUNZ is privileged to represent ambulance service workers and together with our network of delegates continue to provide a comprehensive service to members.

AWUNZ is proud of its achievements in ensuring members have a medical insurance policy. AWUNZ campaigned for over 5 years before securing the support of others nationally to push through a truly 5 star medical scheme; sadly the AWUNZ scheme has been diluted in recent years, but AWUNZ will continue to push for the reintroduction of as an equivalent scheme given the premiums being paid presently.

AWUNZ with the support of NZAA will continue to pursue other welfare benefits in the form of a retirement gratuity.

Again this is an initiative from AWUNZ in response to what we consider to be age banded issues, together with extended service and the impact on officers of maintaining ever increasing demands.