AWUNZ has had a long association with the tourism industry through Tour Bus Companies and and the Treble Cone Ski Field and Real Journeys, through Collective Agreements with the respective employers.

Tourism has sadly become work visa dependant, is seasonal but has a reputation for being a poor employer, despite numerous courses for tourism, being subsidised by the NZ taxpayer. Smaller private operators and foreign players in the market such as Chinese operators are undermining the NZ scene and exploiting compliant loopholes that benefit them over NZ operators.

Despite AWUNZ presence in the sector it remains significantly de-unionised and it is one sector that exploits young enthusiastic workers.

We hear all too often the disappointment of tourists being met or welcomed to a New Zealand experience by a work visa carrying foreigner with poor English.

Sadly the industry has a reputation of minimum pay, dodging commissions and or dodgy bonus systems.