Terms of Membership


  1. I apply to become a member of Amalgamated Workers Union.
  2. A agree to be bound by and observe the rule of the Union.
  3. I agree to pay Union fee at  the rate set by the Union from time to time.
  4. I authorise my employer to deduct my Union fees from my wages at such rate as is notified to the employer by the Union from time to time and to remit those fees to the Union at such intervals and in such manner as the Union and the employer agree.
  5. If I wish to resign from the Union I will give the Union 14 days' notice in writing and will pay fees up to expiry of that notice.
  6. I authorise the Union to represent me in relation to my collective employement interests including bargaining for a collective agreement covering my work and i agree to be bound by the outcome of any ratification procedure conducted in accordance with the Union's rule.
  7. I authorise Union to represent me in realtion to negotiating or enforcing any individual employement rights or in any employement investigations and to represent me under section 236 of the Employement Realtions Act.
  8. I acknowledge that the Union has no obligations to represent me in realtion to any employement issue that arose prior to my joining the Union.
  9. I acknowledge that the Union has a discretion as to whether and how it may represent me in any matter including commencing or continuing legal proceedings and that I have the right to complain to the National Secretary if I am dissatisfied with any such decision.
  10. I agree that the Union may at its absolute discretion delegate its authority to represent me to any other person or organisation as it decides appropriate.
  11. I authorise the Union to obtain personal information about me that might otherwise be protected from disclosure under Privacy Act, from my employer or any agent of my employer , including but not limited to wage and time records.