COVID-19 Government Financial Assistance

COVID-19 Government Financial Assistance

The Government has announced financial assistance for people and businesses affected by  COVID-19.

AWUNZ position is that you should be paid when you need to be away from work because of COVID-19. Our first call is for employers to use their own resources to make this possible. You may have additional entitlements in your collective agreement which can be applied at this time. If your employer is not paying you during that time, there is financial assistance that you may be eligible for.

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National Secretary Update

National Secretary Update

It is undoubtedly an unprecedented event that we now face.

The government has announced a $12.1 billion economic package, calling on all employers to ensure workers affected by COVID-19 continue to receive full pay.
This latest news will take the pressure off income earners who have been worrying about how to pay the bills, keep a roof over their family’s heads and put food on the table if they can’t go to work.

We can be assured that the government is working tirelessly to support the people of New Zealand by putting into place extensive and wide-ranging strategies to ensure that families and communities are supported and protected during this time.

These strategies also include increases to welfare payments with the eventual implementation of broader recommendations from the Welfare Expert Advisory Group.
AWUNZ notes the Government commitment to part-time workers and contractors who are particularly vulnerable at this time.

While people are encouraged to work from home as much as possible, many union members currently employed in the health, community and public sectors are unable to do so. The need for them to continue working and to physically be at work may in fact be greater at this time as clients require more care, contact and assistance. AWUNZ is working to ensure that employers guarantee that staff will not be penalised by a loss of income if they become sick themselves.

We are confident in the knowledge that the government is doing everything it can to protect and support industry, businesses, employers/employees, and particularly families and communities. AWUNZ will continue to take advice from government and monitor the situation as information comes to hand.
Meanwhile we can all do our bit by coming together and supporting one another in this time of national crisis.

For any queries contact:
Maurice Davis National Secretary AWUNZ


Struggling Northland sawmillers call for Government help, fearing ‘complete closure’

Struggling Northland sawmillers call for Government help, fearing 'complete closure'

Sawmillers in Northland are calling for Government help as they struggle to source raw logs being snapped up by international buyers.

The region's largest timber mill is likely to close and others say they could follow.

"We've been concerned about our log supply for a couple of years now and there's certainly not enough to go around," Rosvall Sawmill's Mark Hansen told 1 NEWS.

Maurice Davis, from the Amalgamated Workers Union, says it's a major issue.

"The problem is there are no mature trees in Northland of any scale that we can mill, so we're having to bring them in from central North Island," he says.

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Union wants apology after non-NZ contractors told to work Waitangi Day

Union wants apology after non-NZ contractors told to work Waitangi Day

A union is calling for an apology to roading workers who were told they were expected to work Waitangi Day if "not from New Zealand".

Engineers working on the $850 million Transmission Gully motorway north of Wellington, a public-private partnership involving the NZ Transport Agency, were sent an email on Wednesday discussing who could have Waitangi Day off.

"It is my expectation if you are not from [New Zealand] then all [e]ngineers should be in work tomorrow and use this day to catch up," the email read.

"If you are from [New Zealand] and Waitangi Day is just another public holiday then I would appreciate if you are also at work.

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